You may have noticed a sizeable portion of our cookies find us channeling our inner Nona. We are lucky to be related to some of the best bakers in Italy (in our humble opinion of course, ask any Italian kid and a heated discussion will most certainly ensue).

We take inspiration from generations of Zias and Nonas and create new versions of old classics. The transformation from a handful of ingredients into little bites of joy is a thrill we will never get tired of.

Some of our cookies are designed as dippers perfect with coffee or tea, while some fit the munchies category. My Dad keeps a constant supply of our biscotti in his pocket – we think this is a great idea.


We are working on getting our online storefront ready for you in 2016. In the meantime if you would like to order send us an email, or message, or give us a ring with your order and we will set you up.

For your viewing pleasure here is our complete product list.