Easter Eggs


Come back to us Spring, oh how we miss you!
It's been a long winter so making Easter eggs is a perfect activity for conjuring up a fresh new season of sprouting flowers and warmer breezes.

When recreating the eggs in chocolate, we really came to appreciate their simple and beautiful shape. As nature has it the geometry of an egg is also functional- they are incredibly strong in compression (squashing) which makes sense so a big mama bird can put her full weight on the eggs during hatching, and weaker in tension (stretching) making it easy for a little chick to break out into the brave new world ( that's a Soma reference for all the literary peeps out there)

The shape however does pose the question how can we make the egg stand upright on it's own? The solution came to us one night making pasta at home. We recently bought a torchio da bigoli, a hand cranked pasta press to make bigoli a type of thick spaghetti from Venice. So why not instead of pasta dough we put chocolate through it? Here are the results...

Chocolate shaped nests.

The gianduja ( hazelnut milk chocolate) was hand cranked through the press.

Getting in touch with your inner Nona

The eggs are lacy, hand piped chocolate on one side the opposite negative pattern on the other.

No egg is complete without a surprise inside. This year we made a special batch of our majoun (hazelnut chocolate spread) by roasting Oregon hazelnuts and Jamaican cacao beans churning them together into a butter.

We hide the jars inside the 2 halves of the eggs and carefully seal the seams into a whole egg.

The eggs are carefully set onto their gianduja (hazelnut chocolate) nests.

Hand drawn tag to celebrate Easter.

If you like it's no problem to pre-order, otherwise they will be available starting early March in the shops in milk and dark chocolate eggs.
Sorry we are not able to ship these because of how fragile they are.

We hope you enjoy!

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