Brock Factory Tour & Tasting


Get a behind the scenes look at SOMA's chocolate making process and let us take you on a magical journey of the chocolate lands. Let your nose guide you in...


Chocolate lovers only! big kids, small kids, kids at heart. We request that children under 16 are accompanied by an adult. 
Learn how each cacao bean is sampled, roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, moulded and aged into a single bar of chocolate and how beautiful flavours are unlocked at each step of the chocolate making process. See the big red Scirocco, the wall-to-wall winnower and all the magical machines that turn a little bean into an incredible bite of chocolate. 
Taste different chocolate made with cacao beans from around the world.
Finally, for the first time, see all the funky vintage machines hidden away at our secret Cacao Bean Lab, including the Scirocco 100 roaster, the conche & moulding line. 

Please note all our products could have traces of wheat, nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts), dairy and soy. If there's something you cannot eat its no problem to prepare alternatives.

Fridays & Saturdays! Usually around 60-75 minutes long. For private bookings, please email

77 Brock Avenue, our brand-new factory ps: feel free to hang out before or after your tasting with a hot chocolate and shop the whole collection in the factory boutique/cafe


FREE shipping within Canada (min $50) & Porch Drops (min $50) + Next Day Curbside pick-ups at the factory