Team Building Tour + Tasting

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Looking for a fun, interactive experience to get the creative sparks flying? Bring your team to the factory, sort and crack some cocoa beans together and travel the globe in a chocolate tasting. 
Learn how each cacao bean is sampled, roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, molded and aged into a single bar of chocolate, and how beautiful flavours are unlocked at each step of the chocolate making process.
Try cacao beans and chocolate in all the different states, from roasted bean, rough-cut chocolate, microbatch bars and finished, single origin truffles. 

Please note all our products could have traces of wheat, nuts ( including tree nuts and peanuts), dairy and soy.
Minimum 6 guests, up to 30 guests. $25 for each additional guest after 6. 
Usually 75 minutes. 
Please contact to book.