Bachelor's Hall- Jamaica 70%

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Our friend Desmond - farmer, philosopher and madman (all the right traits for growing incredible cacao) - owns Bachelor Hall Estates, left to him by his grandfather. His 1,000 acre farm is fed by 2 natural fresh water springs is in a unique location in the valley between the spiritual & majestic Blue and John Crow mountains.

The cacao seedlings were originally transplanted from Trinidad in the 1800s growing naturally without any fertilizer. On our last visit, we hiked up to the highest point on the farm - the breathtaking beauty of the sea, forest, and mountains surrounded us in every direction.

65g bar

Read more about our trip to visit our friend Desmond in Jamaica

Origin: St Thomas Parish, Jamaica
cashews, honey, cherry, wood, rum

International Chocolate Awards:

2016 World- Silver
America /Asia- Bronze
2017 America/Asia- Silver
Academy of Chocolate Awards:
2017- Bronze

*All our chocolate may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy