Aleppo Pepper Bar

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Aleppo peppers are grown in the mountain range in the Urfa region of Turkey. The peppers are sun-dried, de-seeded and crushed into flakes. They have a beautiful earthiness, intense dried fruit, smoky flavour pairing beautifully with dark chocolate. Less spicy than other peppers the Aleppos registers on the mild end of the Scoville hotness scale.

Chocolate is our dark house blend, Dream Machine. Dream Machine is made by carefully blending cacao from across the globe. The result is a nutty, fruity chocolate with a chocolatey brownie baseline.

Cacao Content: 60%

PISA, Haiti 
Ucayali River, Peru
Rizek Farm, Dominican Republic
Akesson's Farm,  Madagascar

65g bar

May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.