Cookie land box

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We can only bake a limited number of cookies each week. A fresh batch will be available every Thursday, but be quick they find new homes fast.

A warm fuzzy collection of cookies
The best gift for cookie monsters. Cuuute box and the cookies are wrapped in a beautiful beeswax wrap you can use over and over again. Yay to zero waste zero plastic packaging.

Welcome to cookie land...The cookie love is strong here. The aroma of everyone baking their favourite cookies float from one kitchen to another filling the air with the sweet smells of butter, nuts, spices and delicious things. Plates of warm freshly baked cookies go out into the land to be shared with all.

6 types

Brutti Ma Buoni
Translates into “ugly but good”. We think they are beautiful in and out- crispy on the outside with a chewy nutty interior.  Made with Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts from Langhe, Piedmont. 

Gingy Cats
Gingy cats fly through the air at night spreading their sweet and zingy seasonal cheer. If you find yourself giddy with happiness you may just have come into contact with a Gingy Cat without knowing.. Made with fresh ginger and gingerbread spices.

Coconut Pineapple Sandwiches
A cookie to transport you to the land of swoony pink sunsets and swaying palm trees. Buttery coconut sables with tangy pineapple middles.

Buranelli- S cookies
The beloved curvy cookies of Burano, a small island in the Venetian lagoon. Buttery and flecked with lemon zest

Pistachio sugar glider
These lovely squares sing of the holidays. Fresh, bright green pistachios baked into a  brown sugar cookie laced with spices and a twinkle of salt. 

Paste de Meliga
A beautifully crumbly, fragrant cornmeal cookies from Piedmont, Italy. This is the dipper of the family... in the morning with coffee or tea or dunked into a sweet dessert wine like a Moscato or Sauterne as an after dinner delight.

These cookies will keep for a month, so it's aok to save them for Xmas...and yes they ship.