Niblet the baby beaver

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hello peeps, the first litters of beavers have been adopted. Stay tuned for one more litter before Easter.

Meet Niblet the adorable baby beaver. A charmer, cute as cute can be, bringer of smiles for a moment of sweetness.

Niblet is composed of dark, caramel and white chocolate made using cacao from our favourite farms and growing regions. Niblet's fur is made by smooshing roasted Piemonte hazelnuts and chocolate until smooth then molding by hand through an old school pasta press. 

Fun fact: Beavers are vegetarians, they love to chew wood for their abodes and eat leaves and roots.  Inside Niblet's belly... a bouquet of fruit chocolate leaves. 

Cacao origins:
Ecuador, Hacienda Victoria
Akessons Farm Madagascar
PISA, Haiti

Limited edition, each Niblet is handmade and will all be slightly different.

275g (chonky)

Shipping: For out of Toronto and International shipping- There is a small chance Niblet may be damaged during travel if you are ok with this caveat, we will do everything we can to protect Niblet for their journey. We've had great success with shipping egg creatures in the past.

Niblet will be available in the shops and will start shipping end of March (sorry for the delay)

Contains dairy, tree nuts, and wheat 
May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy