Boozy Box

Boozy Box

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A box of ten, 2 each of the limited edition boozy truffles. 

An ode to gathering with your peeps with a glass…

Kinsip County Cassis
Friends make beautiful things together and it’s no secret we love Kinsip. Their Cassis liqueur is made with local black currants and aged Brandy. We float the Cassis above a silky smooth ganache.

A proper Negroni made into an elegant truffle, sweet vermouth, gin, Campari and an orange twist on top.

Cherry Aperitivo
The Aperitivo is the beloved pre-dinner cocktail of Venetians. A cocktail that bonds people in the beautiful little moments of the day. Cherry jelly floats above a ganache spiked with “Select Aperitivo” made with Rhubarb, Vanilla and ginger.

Made with the black walnuts we picked at our treehouse. The Nocino has been aging for 2 years developing layers of smooth dark, nutty and spiced notes.

Old Smoky Mead
A fortified mead made by Rosewood winery in Niagara with burnt honey aged in bourbon barrels for 3 years. Whipped into a buttery chocolate truffle with wildflower honey. Shaped like a drop of honey.

These truffles are handmade with fresh cream and butter without any preservatives so you should eat within 5 days once received. This won't be a problem right lol? Store in a cool dry place 14-18°C no fridge for short term storage.
Storage: Truffles like it cool and dry with temperatures of 14-18 °C (57-64 °F) with a humidity lower than 40%. Keep them out of the fridge as they easily absorb smells of other food. A cool dry basement, pantry or if you’re lucky enough, a wine cellar does quite nicely.