Gianduja trio

Gianduja trio

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Gianduja is the magical transformation of a nut and a chocolate becoming one. Couples with a love story for the ages

Nuts are slow roasted and ground into a buttery state and combined with a chocolate made in our mini chocolate factory from cacao beans grown around the planet.

The two are poured warm onto a granite slab and mixed by hand, folding into each other until the union is complete. Piped into beautiful unicorn horn shapes.

Months of twisty curvy experiments has culminated into 3 different love stories

Roasted Piedmonte Hazelnuts & Porcelana chocolate
Toasted Sunflower seeds & White Chocolate
Toasted Walnuts & Caramel Chocolate







both Distillery and King St take-out windows open. Just show up, there’s a sweet team to help you choose chocolates and put together custom truffle boxes on the spot. We’re also making hot chocolate & coffee to go.