Large LOVE Box- a beautiful gift filled with chocolate hugs

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Pre-ordering now ready to ship Jan 20th

A collection of lovey dovey chocolate and friends. Fluffed up in a beautiful gift box ready for that ... I got you a little something something moment.

Be prepared to be showered with love and adoration.

Collection of:

    • WILD HEART a giant shaggy Black Forest Cake truffle heart

    • Madagascar
      a deep beautiful dark 70% chocolate. Tasting notes of raspberries cherries and chocolate cake.

    • Wild Berry Pop bar
      berries and poprocks for a bubbly effect

    • Raspberry Bar
      hot pink from a ridiculous amount of raspberries.

    • Rose Hot Chocolate
      Damascus Rose infused into a deep dark chocolate

    • Orange Slice
      chocolate made with Stratus Vineyard's Red ice wine ( Niagara-on-the-Lake)
    • Toasted Corn
      the highly addictive and popular salted corn covered in a creamy Milk Chocolate
    • Dream Machine with Hazelnuts
      Our fresh creamy milk chocolate made with the most beautiful Hazelnuts of all Tonda Gentile delle Langhe