Spark of Joy Truffle box

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Generally buying fruits in season gives you the best flavour—Rhubarb is the exception. Forced Ontario Rhubarb grows in the dark (it grows so fast farmers can hear it pop and squeak it’s way out of the soil). Forced rhubarb is more tender sweet and elegant than the thick sour stalks of the summer variety. Picking up a bunch gave me the biggest smile had to take a moment to bask in its gorgeous hot pink glow. I mean look at it. Wow. 

The Strawberries are a stunning batch of everlastings from Tigchelaar Berry Farms in the Niagara Green Belt whipped up into a custardy Strawberries and Cream ganache. The tangy rhubarb jam floats above the strawberries both layers coated in chocolate for the perfect bite.

Each box will take you on an edible story, layers upon layers of flavours unfolding as you eat through this assorted 15 piece collection. Each person's story will be slightly different depending on which order and path you choose. (sorry, no substitutions).

Available for

  • Porch drop off within Toronto (min $50 order) S of 401, E of Jane, W of Victoria Park
  • Curbside pickup at all three locations
  • Promise to eat within a few days of receiving? These beauties can be shipped within Canada and to the US

You can order other items too, we'll pack them all together into one lovely package for shipping.

Order for a friend or for yourself. These truffles are handmade with fresh cream and butter without any preservatives so you should eat within 5 days once received. This won't be a problem right lol? Store in a cool dry place 14-18°C no fridge for short term storage.

Storage: Truffles like it cool and dry with temperatures of 14-18 °C (57-64 °F) with a humidity lower than 40%. Keep them out of the fridge as they easily absorb smells of other food. A cool dry basement, pantry or if you’re lucky enough, a wine cellar does quite nicely.


FREE shipping within Canada (min $50) & Porch Drops (min $50) + Next Day Curbside pick-ups at the 2 shops ( King and Distillery) or the factory.