Wild Heart- giant shaggy Black Forest Cake truffle

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All the magnificent flavours of a Black Forest Cake in an edible poem…

Dark Chocolate heart filled with layers of
♥ luscious dark Chocolate Truffle
♥ wild Amarena Cherries bathed in sour Cherry syrup & Brandy
♥ Chocolate Sablé 
♥ Cherry Cream
covered in ethereal dark Chocolate flakes

A celebration of sweet little moments… watching a dreamy sunset together, a glowing smile, a story... a summertime nap under a fluffy sky... Let’s hear it for love in all it’s beautiful forms. 

Cacao beans: Hacienda Victoria farm, Ecuador
Milk: Ontario, Canada
Wild cherries: Bologna, Italy
Cherry juice: Niagara on the Lake

Fancied up in a pretty box  ready to gift. 

The heart is big (hand sized) to share with someone you adore.
approx. 225g (!)

This years heart is wrapped in a cute beeswax wrap you can reuse over and over again. (Yay to no plastic reusable packaging) To wash use cold water and an alcohol free dish detergent.
Store heart in a cool, dark, dry place out the fridge. Best before Feb 21
*contains alcohol, dairy and  wheat. May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts and peanuts.