Peach POD on a chocolate nest

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Peaches are one of summer's great joys, juicy and honeysuckle sweet, the fragrant bubble of surrounding air laced with the smells of ripe nectar and blossoms. For years we have long been trying to capture this perfect moment in a chocolate. This  batch of chocolate is 1/3 peaches; the peachy sunset colour from approx 400(!) peaches gives the pod its glorious colour.

The pod is life size like a cacao pod in the wild. The pod is nuzzled onto a hazelnut chocolate nest made with roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, smooshed with chocolate then hand cranked through an old school Venetian pasta press and sculpted into a nest for the pod to sit on..

These pods are a very special limited edition, so much love (and so many steps) to make. Packed in a beautiful tulip shaped, reusable 1L Weck jar. (Yay to zero waste packaging)

Peaches: BC, Canada
Hazelnuts: La Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, Piedmont, Italy
Cacao, Bachelor's Hall, Jamaica

Shipping: For out of Toronto and International shipping the nests may unravel slightly and the pods may shift a little during the journey. If you are ok with this caveat ( it's easy to reset to it's beautiful self.) we will pack it with all our might for safe travel.

There are 2 pods this year, the other pod is Mbingu (Ma-bing-goo) a gorgeous dark 70% chocolate made with cacao from Tanzania.


200g ( pod + nest)