Smooth creamy bliss and intense fruity flavours to transport you to a happy place, a trip to Italy or a childhood of stuffing your face with fruits you picked in the forest. Frozen bliss...

GELATO!! Yes please. How do I get some?
Gelato is available to pick-up curbside at the gelato factory inside the the Distillery shop, Sorry not available for delivery due to the melting factor. If ordering online at check-out pick "Curbside Pick-up" at the Distillery location.

Do I have to eat it right away?
We've brought the temperature down on the babies to allow you some time to get your precious sunshine home. If you want to eat it right away just bask in the sun for 10 min and dive in.

I need chocolate too..
No problem we can pack your chocolate and gelato up into one big beautiful bounty for you to pick-up all at the same time.

Bonus points
Bring a cooler loaded with ice packs. There's reusable cool kits for sale that will also buy you precious gelato traveling time. 

both Distillery and King St take-out windows open. Just show up, there’s a sweet team to help you choose chocolates and put together custom truffle boxes on the spot. We’re also making hot chocolate & coffee to go.