Peaches and Cream Gelato

Peaches and Cream Gelato

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The peaches were so good this year. Beautiful deep peachy flavours juicy drippy I-don't-care-how-messy-it-is-to-eat good. These Red Havens were grown and cared for by the fine folks at Quiet Acres Farm. Spun up with a little cream into a heavenly Summer gelato.

Available only for curbside pick-up at our gelato factory inside the Distillery shop.

Gelato and sorbet is made in our kitchen that uses nuts (including tree nuts), eggs, fruit and milk/cream. Could contain traces of any of these ingredients.


both Distillery and King St take-out windows open. Just show up, there’s a sweet team to help you choose chocolates and put together custom truffle boxes on the spot. We’re also making hot chocolate & coffee to go.