Bark- Twilight Forest green edition

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Green chocolate coated with wildflower honey roasted pumpkin seeds with a twinkle of Newfoundland sea salt. The wildflower honey is local from the good folks at Rosewood Estates, an award-winning Niagara winery & meadery.

Colour is such a vivid sensation, our approach is to only use colour when the ingredient itself is naturally a colour like the fruit bars. For a couple years experiments have been happening to make a green chocolate for the holidays. The green had to be from something naturally green and delicious. We tried countless pairing but nothing green enough and nothing that blew our minds.

Until, we found Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. The seeds themselves are hulless a protected heirloom variety from Austria. The flavour will make your heart sing, delicate, layer upon layer of nutty flavours and... the most gorgeous Emerald Green colour. The dream of green chocolate has been fulfilled.



sadly it's too late for Valentine's Day shipping. but... if you are aok with it arriving after then go for it because love happens everyday!!