Box of Plenty Xmas 2018

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Our most decadent offering this year for the serious chocolate addicts in your life.

Inside this special box is a collection of our most popular items and limited edition chocolates made only for this Xmas season. 

This box works well as a thank you for a group of hardworking people, for a family of chocolate addicts, or as a magical box of awesome for your favourite person.

Packed in a beautiful solid Canadian Pine Box branded with a cacao forest. This box sells out every year so order early - you will be happy you did.

The SOMA Classic Box of Plenty Includes:

  • Twinkle Bar- caramel chocolate with Newfoundland Salt Company salt crystals
  • Sugar Plum- caramel macadamia nut dusted with sugar plum fairy dust
  • Black Forest Cake Twig- large format truffle in 4 magnificent layers
  • Gingerbread Toffee
  • two Soma drinking chocolates
  • Mint-infused milk chocolate bar
  • Seville Orange Slice dipped in dark Chocolate
  • Tumbled Pecans in our twinkly Caramel chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate bar with Cherries
  • Milk Chocolate bar with roasted Cacao nibs

The $200 Ultimate Box of Plenty includes all of the items above and beyond...

  • Abstract Chocolate Science with Roasted Cacao Nibs 75%
  • Dark Fire, spiced with our secret blend of chili peppers
  • Mr. Salazar, Costa Esmeraldas 70%
  • Strawberry Bar
  • Ruby Red Bar
  • Dark Chocolate bar with Orange
  • Starry Bar with Maldon Salt on Dark Chocolate
  • Coconut tumbled in milk chocolate
  • Almonds tumbled in dark Chocolate
  • Vanua Milk - Fiji 55% Bar (our newest milk omg it's so delicious)
  • Maya drinking chocolate tube

The $300 Ultimate Box of Plenty includes all the above and these lux chocolates...

  • Pistachio Majoun (super limited edition)
  • Creole Gardens, Haiti Milk 55%
  • Creole Gardens, Haiti Dark 70%
  • Bejofo Farms, Madagascar 70%
  • Tien Giang, Vietnam 70%
  • Blackcurrant Bar with lemon shortbread crumble
  • Dark old school single
  • Chocolate Salami
  • Mango Thai Bar
  • Roasted White bar

And for the biggest chocolate fan you know, the $450 Super Ultimate Box of Plenty includes one of everything above plus:

  • Guasare, Venezuela 70% (pre-release)
  • CSB Chama, Venezuela 70%
  • Porcelana, Venezuela 70%
  • Tien Giang, Vietnam 70%
  • Stratus bar with icewine lees 70%
  • Hazelnuts tumbled in dark chocolate
  • 49th parallel Epic Espresso beans tumbled in dark chocolate
  • Mango Lassi Bar, (pre-release)
  • Bachelor's Hall, Jamaica 70%
  • Crazy 88 dark bar 88%
  • Milk Old School, Chuao, Venezuela
  • Dark chocolate with Almonds
  • Dark chocolate with Candied Ginger
  • Milk chocolate with wild Cherries
  • Milk chocolate with Hazelnuts
  • Milk chocolate with Coconut
  • Hazelnut Majoun
*All our chocolate may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy


To receive by Xmas International orders- Dec 18th caveat: we have no control over custom delays that may occur at border crossings. Within Canada and local courier- Dec 19 midnight.