Chocolate Maker's Tasting - Distillery District Edition!

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Welcome to our Chocolatemaker's Tasting!
Let us take you on a journey of the chocolate lands. You will learn how chocolate is made from farm to bean to bar followed by a very special tasting. Perfect for gifting to your favourite cacao-crazy friends and family.

All are welcome, kids, adults, adults who are big kids :) Maximum 10 people per tasting. 
Take a seat in front of our 90 year old Melangeur and taste the magic as it happens! Learn how each cacao bean is sampled, roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, moulded and aged into a single bar of chocolate and how beautiful flavours are unlocked at each step of the chocolate making process.
Together we will taste different chocolate made with cacao beans from around the world. In addition to tasting our latest chocolate you will experience:
  • Our 2018 ICA Gold award winner, the Guasare from Venezuela! We are delighted to finally be able to share this with everyone.
  • Old School Milk- a rough cut milk chocolate that picked up 2 international Golds this year in England. 
  • Vanua, Fiji Milk 55%- a special bar with flavours imparted by the unique Fijian terroir.
  • To finish off- a collection of truffles from our truffle lab to share as a group

Please note all our products could have traces of wheat, nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts), dairy and soy. If there's something you cannot eat no problem we can make substitutions for you.

Please email for available times. 
Tastings are approximately 60 minutes long. 
Please bring proof of purchase with you. Latecomers may join the group, but we cannot re-start the tasting for anyone, so please arrive on time. 

32 Tank House Lane, in Toronto's Distillery District
Tickets are non-refundable.
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