Dark Chocolate POD- Mbingu on a chocolate nest

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Mbingu is a 70% dark chocolate made with cacao grown in the Kilombero Valley, in the heart of Tanzania. Trees grown in the valley are certified organic, farmers in Kilombero have been practicing organic farming for generations. "Mbingu", Swahili for Heaven is the small town where the beans are fermented and dried. The location borders on the Udzungwa Mountain National Park famous for its bird, primate, and Savannah elephant species.

The pod is life size like a cacao pod in the wild, Piedmont hazelnut & chocolate are smooshed together then hand cranked through an old school Venetian pasta press and sculpted into a nest for the pod to sit on.

A very special limited edition, so much love (and so many steps) to make. Packed in a beautiful tulip shaped, reusable 1L Weck jar. (Yay to zero waste packaging)

Cacao, Kokoa Kamili, Mbingu, Tanzania
Hazelnuts: La Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

There are 2 pods this year, the other pod is a gorgeous Peach Pod.

Shipping: For out of Toronto and International shipping there is a small chance Niblet could be damaged during their journey. If you are aok with this caveat we will pack baby beaver with all our might for safe travel. We've had great success shipping raccoons, hedgehogs and egguins in the past.

190g ( pod + nest)