Forest Potluck advent calendar

Forest Potluck Advent Calendar

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Lucky peeps who pre-ordered - your calendars will be ready to fly out to you in the last 2 weeks of November.

Deep in the forest a magnificent potluck unfolds. Once a year, furry guests travel from afar to share their most favourite foods. Basking in each other’s glow activates a super-sonic force that sends rays of joy into the universe.

This celebratory soiree has inspired this year's Forest Potluck Calendar.

24 little burrows filled with the tastiest chocolate of the year. Each little morsel a chapter in an edible story, layers of flavours unfolding as you eat through the storyline.

Enjoy one by one: like an Advent Calendar or wild and free: totally random, as many windows at a time as you wish. Eat now or after Xmas ( winter is a perfect time to go on an adventure to the chocolate lands.)

See an animal that that you identify with or is like someone you know? The animals were drawn as a love song to the wild and wonderful people in our orbits—a celebration of how we are all so beautifully different but the same.

The reusable box is solid Canadian Pine from an ethically managed forest—a perfect way to organize your precious things and projects.

Orders that include the advent calendar will be shipped all together once the Forest Potlucks are ready.
    *This product contains nuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, flour and alcohol


    Present processing time is 4-6 business days Your orders are being carefully packed and sent on their way by our little team in the order they are received. Thank-you everyone for keeping us afloat and making chocolate again. No words. Radiating love out to all of you. Stay safe stay strong.