Twig- Raspberry S'more

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Living in Canada means campfires. Gathering with your favourite peeps surrounded by the twilight of the forest, a roaring smoky fire rising into a star studded night sky. With warm faces and cold backs, munchies arise- enter the S’more! Ooey gooey, smoky, melted chocolate, burnt sugar goodness.

The S'more is a large format truffle, sliced up for a dinner party or eaten solo no fuss with twig in hand. pro tip: if slicing. heat a knife up by running under hot water, dry off and slice. (goes through like buttah)

5 glorious layers- enjoy

Honey Graham Cracker
Honey from our pals at Rosewood Estates
Hand scrubbed graham from Red May wheat
Smoky dark Fiji Chocolate Truffle
Beautifully tart Raspberry Chocolate truffle
Raspberry & Burnt Sugar crackle