Box of Plenty 2021

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Our most decadent offering this year for the serious chocolate addicts in your life.

Inside this special box is a collection of our most popular items and limited edition chocolates. This box works well as a thank you for a group of hardworking people, for a family of chocolate addicts, or as a magical box of awesome for your favourite person.

Packed in a beautiful solid Canadian Pine Box branded with a cacao forest. This box sells out every year so order early - you will be happy you did.

The SOMA Classic Box of Plenty Includes:

English Toffee dark chocolate
Brown Butter bar
Blackcurrant bar
Salted Licorice Caramel bar
Dark Dream Machine bar
Bachelor's Hall bar
Milk chocolate bar with roasted cacao nibs
Lemon peel
Drinking Chocolate

The $200 Ultimate Box of Plenty

Gingerbread toffee
Brown Butter bar
Lemon poppy bar
Mr Salazar 70%
Minty Bar
Milk chocolate bar with roasted cacao nibs
Boozy Cherry Comet
Drinking Chocolate
Travel bar - Gianduja
Old School Milk bar
Haiti Dark chocolate bar
Raspberry bar
Wild Berry Pop bar
Crazy 88 bar
dark chocolate with toasted almonds
Orange slice
Pecan Pie tumble

Both the $300 and $450 box include the most of the above + super luxe collection of almost one of everything we make.
*All our chocolate may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy
*Contents may change