Jungle Party Advent Calendar

Jungle Party Advent Calendar

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Sorry SOLD OUT for the season. 
pssst: If you missed out this year mark your calendars they release middle of Oct.

Our wildly popular Chocolate Calendar.
very limited edition- sells out very fast

24 little burrows filled with the loveliest chocolate we make. Each special morsel a chapter in an edible story, layers of flavours unfolding as you eat through the storyline. Ooooh and  it's so good this year.

The story:

In a lush pocket of the jungle a magical gathering unfolds… It’s a jungle party!! Friends travel from near and far with their favourite foods to share... there is feasting, funky beats, laughter and a supersonic force that forms when good friends gather to bask in each other’s glow.

See a creature that reminds you of yourself or someone you adore? The animals were drawn as a love song to the wild and wonderful people in our orbits—a celebration of how we are all so beautifully different but the same.

This year's calendar comes with a limited edition pressing of Cyn's jungle party artwork. (For you printing nerds the poster will be stochastic printing on a Heidelberg press.) It's a sweet way to brighten up your home or it makes a cute gift.

When will my Calendar be ready?
We are trying to have the calendars ready to ship and ready for pick-up 2nd week of November. Orders that include the advent calendar will be shipped all together. 

*This product contains nuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, flour and alcohol