Mint Chocolate twig

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A beautiful twig striped with buttery peppermint chocolate and Gianduja. It eats like a big festive truffle. Gianduja is the magical transformation of hazelnuts and chocolate becoming one. Hazelnuts are slow roasted and ground into a buttery state and swooshed together with chocolate. Made with “Tonde Gentile delle Langhe” hazelnuts grown in the foot hills of Piedmont, Italy.

Mint and Chocolate is the OG of chocolate pairings, a luscious dance of flavours that melt into each other. Take a bite, let it melt and enjoy the moment, its like waking up from a delicious dream filled with fresh new ideas.

Perfect as a gift or to share with the peeps you love under a starry night surrounded by fluttering snowflakes.

Ingredients include hazelnuts and milk.
May contain traces of nuts including peanuts, wheat dairy and soy.