Truffle Collection - 15 Pieces

Collections: Gifts, Truffles

A deluxe box of 15 of our most popular truffles including limited edition truffles and International Chocolate Award winners. Perfect as a gift or sharing with your friends at parties.

Shelf Life: Our truffles are made by hand without any preservatives and should be enjoyed within 1 week from date of purchase. If you would like to pre-order, please let us know what week you would like your truffles to arrive. (We will try our best,  but sadly we cannot control carrier delays due to weather or customs/border delays.)

Storage: Truffles like it cool and dry with temperatures of 14-18 °C (57-64 °F) with a humidity lower than 40%. Keep them out of the fridge as they easily absorb smells of other food. A cool dry basement, pantry or if you’re lucky enough, a wine cellar does quite nicely.

This is a curated selection. Sorry, no substitutions.