Family Day- Flavour Workshop- make your own Chocolate bars

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A hands on flavour exploration.
With over 400 flavour molecules chocolate is one of the most complex foods in the world! So how does a single cacao bean become chocolate? Learn and taste how flavour is developed at each fascinating step of the journey.

Learn how to pair chocolate
The group will share this year's Supergalactic Love Heart to prime your tastebuds. We will be opening up our secret stash of wild and wonderful pantry of ingredients to the group.

Make your own chocolate bars
Savour the chocolate you will be pairing and nibble and analyze the flavours from your new collection of ingredients. Then with your finely tuned taste buds build your own pairing from our secret stash of ingredients then make your own personalized chocolate bars to eat and take home. Fun right? Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Where: at the big beautiful new chocolate factory at 77 Brock Avenue
When: Feb 17th 7pm Workshop is approx. 2 hours
In this workshop solo flyers will make 2 chocolate bars, couples will make 4 dark chocolate bars.

Tastings and flavour workshops spots are held and lovingly prepared for you and your group. No refunds will be issued for no shows or cancellations less than 7 days in advance.

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