Praline Box

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Limited edition box of pralines. The perfect gift for the nuttiest member of your orbit.

Pistachio Crisp
We wanted to get just the right crispy crunch in the nutty layers of this praline. Pistachios are picked young giving the vibrant green colour and delicate nutty taste.

Pecan Butter Crunch
Crisp toffee with two gently toasted pecan halves enrobed in milk chocolate.

Butter Toffee with Feuilletine
Slow cooked, buttery, vanilla caramel enrobed in dark chocolate and tumbled in crispy feuilletine flakes. What's Feuilletine you ask? Think fancy very tasty cornflakes.

Almond Cluster
Our most composed praline, layers of praline and Gianduja (hazelnut milk chocolate) topped with a crown of slow roasted almonds.





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