Xmas 2019

There is a celestial phenomenon where all the stars align and dance across the night sky. Under the stars a secret event unfolds, possibly an ancient ritual, a very secret joyful and chaotic cat party deep in the forest.

At this feast you will find a collection of chocolate made to evoke joy and cheer throughout the land.

UPDATE MAR 24: We have decided to shut down operations for 14 days for our little team to self isolate, recharge and do our part to protect this beautiful community. In the next couple of days we will work on getting all present orders out. The news is changing every hour but the present plan is to reopen the web store and resume shipping and drive and drop services April 7th. Until then we will keep connecting, post updates, and be checking emails remotely to answer any questions you might have.

Sorry, this collection is currently empty.

Send us a message to place an order or stop by one of our locations, we’d love to see you.

Please continue shopping online or stop by one of our locations. We’d love to see you.