Catvent Calendar

Catvent Calendar

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There is a celestial phenomenon where all the stars align and dance across the night sky. Under the stars a secret event unfolds, possibly an ancient ritual, a very secret joyful and chaotic cat party deep in the forest.

This celebratory soiree has inspired the SOMA Catvent calendar full of human treats. Please enjoy this bite-by-bite rundown of the year’s tastiest ideas. Open one window per day and discover a new Soma flavour until December 24, Christmas Eve.

24 very special chocolates, cookies, spreads, truffles, and toffee handmade by this little team of cat lovers from cacao and ingredients spanning the globe.

Packed in a beautiful solid Canadian Pine Box with a hand painted lid. (thank-you to everyone who let me paint their fur balls)

Hot of the presses there is a short stack of these beauties at the 2 shops and available for ordering here for shipping or picking up in shop.


    *This product contains nuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat flour and alcohol