Happyland box

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We make and bake a limited number of happyland boxes each week. A fresh batch will be available every Monday, but be quick they find new homes fast.

A warm fuzzy collection of holiday chocolate and cookies to share. The best gift for chocolate & cookie monsters. Cuuute box and your collection comes wrapped in a beautiful beeswax wrap you can use over and over again. Yay to zero waste zero plastic packaging.

Welcome to Happyland...The aroma of everyone making and baking their favourite  chocolate and cookies float from one kitchen to another filling the air with the sweet smells of butter, nuts, spices and delicious things. Plates of the loveliest treats go out into the land to be shared with all.  Sweet but “not too sweet” :)  Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

Happy Land treats

Lucky Cat
Butter sable sandwich with a Umeboshi plum caramel middle. Made with St Brigid's creamery's magnificent Jersey butter.

Gingy Cats
Gingy cats fly through the air at night spreading their sweet and zingy seasonal cheer. If you find yourself giddy with happiness you may just have come into contact with a Gingy Cat without knowing. Made with fresh ginger and gingerbread spices. 

Enzo watch the Stars- triple chocolate bark
A triple chocolate wonder. On one side a thick buttery chocolate sable cookie, on the flip side a dark 70% chocolate made with cacao beans grown along the Mekong River in Vietnam.  A twinkle of roasted cacao nibs adds a nice crunch.

Milk and Cookies Bark- gingery edition
Buttery Milk Chocolate with sparkly chunks of candied ginger and zingy fresh baked gingersnaps. Ginger lovers, this one's for you.

Lemon Pistachios
Baby pistachios when roasted are delicate and sweet. We spike white chocolate with lemons so it tastes like a tangy dollop of fresh whipped cream When the just roasted pistachios are enveloped in the lemony white chocolate, everyone’s happy. 

Seville Orange Slice
Seville oranges from Spain are prized for their intense, tart orange flavour. To candy, the slices are repeatedly soaked in a warm sugar bath and air dried over a 3 day process. Each slice is hand dipped in dark chocolate.

Apricot Supernova
At the center of this supernova is a plump brandy soaked Apricot. The apricot is orbited by a starburst of chocolate - roasted pistachios, intermingled into a luscious base of gianduja  (chocolate and hazelnuts smooshed together until buttery) 

Mystery chocolate
A little stick of one of our most favourite chocolates of the season. 

Happyland treats will keep for a month, so it's aok to save them for Xmas...and yes they ship.