• 5 Berry POP

    5 Berry POP

  • Box of Plenty

    Box of Plenty

    available for Xmas

  • Birch Branch

    Birch Branch


For most of the year the gears are turning at a pretty sane pace. But when the holidays approach, the intensity of our world gets amped up significantly.

Thanks to our highly organized staff, we plan for the holidays months ahead of time. During the hot days of summer, we are in a hyper-state of creativity and sensory evaluation carefully inserting our signature quirk into new products for X’mas, Valentine’s and bunny day. There is a noticeable spike in the amount of chocolate eaten at SOMA during this time.

Stop by...

Our stores are a fun place to be during the holidays, our staff are really into it, sprucing up the spaces and laying out the new collections in anticipation of completing the circle from conception to “in your belly”. We do a fair amount of custom chocolate and baskets during the holidays so if you have an idea or event you would like help with, we remain on standby.

Valentine's Day 2017
Love will be the law of the land. Large format hearts, Rose and Pomegranate meltaways, Strawberry and bubbly bars. All coming soon and for the first time available online.

Shop available products online, or send us a message of what you would like to order and we will set you up.

For your viewing pleasure here is our complete list of everything we make.