Traveling without moving. . . Join us and experience how we transform the mighty cacao bean into chocolate, the original food of the Gods.
Taste a variety of chocolates made with cacao beans from all over the world, including our rare and award-winning Porcelana bar from Venezuela, directly traded Bejofo, Madagascar bar from the Sambirano Valley and our Old School chocolate (made in an 80 year old melangeur!). 
Public tastings: 
See all of our public tastings here. Updated regularly with occasional invitations to the Secret Cacao Bean Lab & special holiday events!
Private group tastings: 
Who: groups of 4-12 guests of any age!
When: Thursdays through Saturday during the day
Where: both locations are offering tastings
Distillery District Shop/Factory (Thursday and Friday)
King Street Bakery, Saturdays)
What will I get to taste?
  • The rare and delicate Porcelana chocolate that won best dark chocolate in the world in 2015
  • Old School Milk- a rough cut milk chocolate that picked up 2 international Golds in 2017
  • A couple of our latest & greatest directly traded bars from our partner-farms all over the world
  • To finish off- a collection of truffles from our truffle lab to share as a group.
Interested? Send us a message at sam@somachocolate.com and we will arrange everything for you.
Please book at least two weeks in advance.
We look forward to meeting everyone. :)