Our truffles are the chameleons of our collection. They have the ability to embody any ingredient or texture with shape shifting abilities.

Creating new truffle flavours is a great deal of fun, but with just one tiny all encompassing bite the stakes are high. Hours upon hours are spent making sure that tiny mouthful is extra delightful. Inspiration comes in the form of great food we’ve eaten on our travels, ideas from food dreams or sometimes it’s as simple as expressing a single perfect ingredient.

We build flavours using fresh cream and butter. No artificial flavours or chemicals. Really who needs them? There is a bounty of incredible ingredients all around us. We don’t use preservatives so our truffles only last 7 days but who’s kidding who they are almost always eaten right away.

Truffle storage

Truffles like it cool and dry with temperatures of 14-18 °C (57-64 °F) with a humidity lower than 40%. Keep them out of the fridge as they easily absorb smells of other food. A cool dry basement, pantry or if you’re lucky enough a wine cellar does quite nicely.

Our collection

The collection is made up of a core group of 26 truffles and a rotating crew of new truffle flavours that we are continuously working on. [See the current collection]



Is your mouth watering? Most of our collection of truffles are available in the shops and a special curated box is available in the web store.