CSB Chama, Venezuela, 70%

Collections: Microbatch 2019

Deep In the cacao growing area south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela lies Estación Chama. Chama is a center dedicated to preserving the rare and mighty Porcelana cacao bean of this region. Here as part of a Venezuelan cacao research program, a hybridized Porcelana/Ocumare was created named Criollo Santa Barbara.

Luckily a very small amount was released for export making its way to our factory. The cut test reveals a high percentage of ivory coloured beans. The finished chocolate– light coloured, round and delicate, with a lingering, herbaceous finish. Very limited edition. 

Origin: south of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Notes: coffee, buttermilk, macadamia nut, nectarines, orange blossom, raisins, malt, grass

International Chocolate Awards: 
2015 Americas/Asia- Gold  
2015 Americas/Asia- Gold (best in competition)
2015 Americas/Asia- Gold (chocolatemaker) 
2015 World Silver
2016 Americas/Asia Silver
2016 World Silver


65g per bar

*All our chocolate may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy