Cutest Bunny Ever- Milk Chocolate with spots

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Bun Buns like people are different in the most beautiful ways. Spots are hand painted just so each little love love has their own unique personality. 

Milk chocolate with dark chocolate spots.

Our rich creamy house milk chocolate called Alpha ++ in solid form. This bun bun is buttery melt in your mouth goodness. Get 2, leave them overnight with some steamy music and see how many baby bunnies will be hopping all over your home in the morning.

Made with cacao grown on the beautiful farm of Hacienda Victoria in Ecuador.

1 piece (125g)

*All our chocolate may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy


both Distillery and King St take-out windows open. Just show up, there’s a sweet team to help you choose chocolates and put together custom truffle boxes on the spot. We’re also making hot chocolate & coffee to go.