Egguin-Salted Caramel baby Penguin

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only available for Toronto delivery

Meet Egguin our new Springtime love child. Egguin is made from the caramel AF chocolate we made for the twinkle bar with Newfoundland Salt Company crystals melted into the chocolate. All the wild sugar, salted buttery, melty, goodness made into the cutest little velvety baby penguin.

The surprise inside Egguin is a fish (of course lol) named lil' Finn, a Honey Graham cookie sandwiched with a puckery Raspberry ganache.

Unlike other penguins Egguin is a nest dweller. He sits on a hazelnut chocolate nest (gianduja) hand cranked through an old school Venetian pasta press and sculpted into a nest.

Egguins are a very limited edition, handmade with so much love (and so many steps) from our little team. (We are all very proud mamas and would love to see him go to a loving home) He sleeps inside a beautiful reusable 1.5L Weck jar. (Yay to zero waste bpa-free packaging)


Available for FREE DRIVE & DROP within Toronto. We will gently transport Egguin to your home/concierge or home of someone you adore.

Egguin and nest are extremely fragile, think shipping fresh pasta and a fresh egg, he and his nest may be destroyed on a journey. At this time to avoid a fatal accident we will not be shipping Egguin parcel mail. 


UPDATE April 7: We are back :) Orders over $50: FREE GROUND SHIPPING within Canada and FREE DRIVE & DROP within Toronto to outside your home/concierge or to a home of someone you care about. Easter Orders: within Toronto- we will be your Easter Bunny this year and drop off your orders curbside Apr 7-12. beyond Toronto, Canada, International: Sorry life got thrown for a loop this year, orders will ship next week starting April 14th. Could we all hit rewind and do Easter again. What is time but a construct?