Guasare, Venezuela 70%

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In the ‘90s on a small farm in the Sierra de Perijá near the Colombian border, cacao agronomist Humberto Reyes, discovered an old pure Criollo named after the Rio Guasare. The seeds traveled to the research centre, Campo Experimental San Juan de Lagunillas in the Andes to be grown & studied. Unlike typical Criollos, scientists found the plants to be very productive, blossoms in 2 years, big hardy fruit with plump white seeds in 3 years.

The cacao in this bar is from 4 farms grown interspersed with bananas & coffee near the town of Rosario, West of Lake Maracaibo. The trees originate from the Andean samples, the finished chocolate loaded with beautiful heritage Criollo flavours. Guasare is more than just cacao, it represents hope & a brighter future for a country presently enveloped in chaos.

Origin: Rosario de Perijá, Venezuela
Farms: Finca la Florida, Finca San Antonio, Finca Los Claritos, Finca San Pedro
Cacao content: 70%
Tasting notes: cream, malt, cacao, coffee, tamarind, figs

International Chocolate Awards

2018 World Gold, Best in Show Dark
2018 World Gold
2018 World Gold Chocolate Maker
2018 Americas Gold Best in Show Dark
2018 Americas Gold Chocolate Maker
2018 Canadian Gold Chocolate Maker Dark

Hi everyone thank-you for your patience as the space continues its transformation from dirt pile to purring like a proper factory. This batch of Guasare is the first chocolate in the new space (yippee)

Last year's batch was aged for 4 months this one is 1 month in (as of June 5th 2019) It is absolutely delicious now but we are predicting all the flavours to mellow and intermingle more at the 4 month mark. Regardless we are releasing it early so you can eat now or eat a bit and save piece by piece to see how the bar changes while aging.

Right after this bar won the award the ever thoughtful, essential journalist/writer Simran Sethi wrote this article.

65g bar