Hot Chocolate POD- Canoabo, Venezuela

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Show stopper for your holiday gatherings. A beautiful 70% dark pod nestled into a mountain of hot chocolate. Just heat up milk and pour into your pod specimen glass....wait for the aroma and watch the transformation begin.

Rich and full of depth. Made from cacao beans from Canoabo, Venezuela, we thought it would be fun to release this as an interactive drinking chocolate instead of a bar. 

Packed in a beautiful reusable 1L Weck tulip jar.

About the cacao beans:
Canoabo is located in northern Venezuela, inland from Puerto Cabello. This area was the home of a historically prized, classic old criollo cacao, sadly almost lost due to neglect. Recently this cacao was revived and cultivated by Casa Francheschi. We purchased a small amount and love it for it's remarkably round chocolate flavour.

Origin: Carabobo region, Venezuela
Cacao Content: 70%
Tasting notes: malt, caramel, cacao, macadamia nuts

Makes 750ml of hot chocolate

We suggest pick-up at one of our shops. If you choose to ship, we will pack with all the love and pillowy cushioning we can, but the pod might break in transit. Still totally edible just not as perfect.


Hello! if you need your chocolate shipped for Xmas please order by Dec 15th. You can pick-up at our King shop anytime up to the 24th (closing at 4pm).