Lilac Gelato

Lilac Gelato


The sweet scent of lilacs is an unmistakable sign of Summer.

Lilacs are totally edible, part of the olive family crazy right? The flowers are oil-less making their essence impossible to distill. So how does one capture their fleeting ethereal scent?

Lilac gelato!!

At the peak of the season, with the help of friends, baskets of fluffy pink, purple-blue blooms are harvested. We then spend a very zen day hand-plucking each little flower off their stem. They soak in a bath of cream to let the flowers infuse then spun it into a dreamy creamy lilac gelato.

Very limited edition. Made with a bajillion gazillion Lilac flowers. lol
Available in 2 sizes: single serve and big tubs (500ml)

Contains milk. Made in a kitchen that uses tree nuts, eggs, fruit and milk/cream.



Thank-you for all your support it means the world to us