Party Cake- the ultimate chocolate cake

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Mission: Make a perfect chocolate cake.

The richest, most delicate, most chocolatey silky smooth cake we can make. Serves 8 or 1 depending on how it goes down for you. Word of warning this cake will beckon you until it’s completely gone.

Flourless. So how does this cake keep its shape? A whole lot of Chocolate, beautiful dark 70% “Mr Salazar” chocolate—made with cacao grown by our brilliant friends the Salazars on their farm Costa Esmeraldas in Ecuador.

Eat at room temperature as is (it’s perfect this way) or straight out of the fridge for a more truffle-like texture. Fancy it up with a scoop of gelato, a sprinkle of sea salt, dulce de leche or a handful of raspberries or any other tart fruit.

Storage: stays perfect wrapped in the fridge for up to 5 days. We are saying 5 days but we have 3 right now in our fridge we've been taste testing (lol) for 10 days.

1/2 kg OMG


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