Pineapple Coconut gelato sandwich *factory exclusive

Pineapple Coconut gelato sandwich *factory exclusive


Sorbet sandwiches are super cuuute.. and huge, made for sharing. 

A gelato sandwich to celebrate Summertime. Fresh Pineapple Sorbet in-between 2 Coconut Sable cookies. Sing it with us... if you love Pina Colada...

Be transported to the land of sunsets and swaying palms with just one melty bite. Perfect for picnics under a sky of fluffy clouds or an evening under the stars.

Only available for pickup at our Brock Street factory.
You can also swing by the Brock Street factory in person and nab one.
Ingredients include butter, eggs, flour and milk powder.
All our gelato sandwiches may contain traces of nuts (including tree nuts & peanuts), fruit, dairy, flour (glutens), eggs and soy.