Quill the chocolate Hedgehog


Meet Quill the baby hedgehog. This cute hoglet comes out at dusk to play under the stars bringing a smile to you or someone you love...a moment of sweetness.

Quill is composed of dark, milk and white chocolate made using cacao from our favourite farms and growing regions. Their spiky fur is a delightfully delicious mix of rare Porcelana cacao nibs from Venezuela, organic coconuts and crunchy bits and bites. 

Hedgehogs love to eat bugs!! Inside Quill’s belly... a pair of raspberry hazelnut chocolate ladybug truffles with pop-rocks for a crunchy bug-like effect.

Quill sits on a Gianduja nest made by smooshing roasted Piemonte hazelnuts and chocolate until smooth then molding it by hand through an old school pasta press. During the day Quill sleeps in a beautiful reusable 1L Weck jar. (Yay to zero waste bpa-free packaging)

Cacao origins:
PISA, Haiti
Ucayali River, Peru
Rizek Farm, Dominican Republic
Akesson's Farm,  Madagascar
Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador
Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

350g (Quill is chonky)

Shipping: Quill is best picked up at the shops or hand delivered within Toronto. For out of town or International travel we can ship but please bear in mind Quill and nest are fragile and could be damaged while traveling. if you are ok with this caveat, we will try with all our might to pack Quill safely for travel. We had good success with Comet the raccoon last year.

Contains dairy, tree nuts, and wheat 
*All our products may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy and flour