Roasted Peanuts tumbled in Raspberries and chocolate

Collections: Newly released, Revolution, Xmas 2017

Peanuts and cacao beans have been best friends for a very long time. Back in 1500 BC the Incas in Peru used to grind peanuts and cacao together into a paste - could this be the very first Nutella? This tiny bean (which is not a nut, but a legume) travelled the world making its way from Europe to Asia and Africa by way of ships on exploration missions.  

Time travel to our little kitchen and after playing with peanuts for a few months, we are giddy with excitement to release 2 new peanut creations for the first time. These orbs of lip smacking goodness are Virginia peanuts roasted, salted and tumbled in milk chocolate and our award winning Raspberry "chocolate".

Staff favourite for most addictive new product of the year.

PS: the other peanut creation we made for Xmas this year is the Peanut Crunch Twig. (Roasted Peanut praline and Strawberries and Cream ganache)

PPS: Did you know Canadians consume the most peanut butter per capita in the world? This could explain our excitement.