S'more Kit

S'more Kit

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Living in Canada means campfires. Gathering with your favourite peeps surrounded by the twilight of the forest, a roaring smoky fire rising into a starry night sky. With warm faces and cold backs, munchies arise- enter the S’more! Ooey gooey, smoky, melted chocolate, burnt sugar goodness.

Kit includes: 

Honey graham crackers- Made with wildflower honey from our pals (bees and humans) at Rosewood Estates Meadery in Niagara. The Graham flour is coarse, hand-scrubbed, cold-milled Red May wheat.

Chocolate Marshmallows-Little fluffy clouds. Squeezable huggable, the sweet glue that holds the s’more together. Swirled up with a generous amount of Bachelor's Hall Jamaica chocolate. 

Dark Chocolate
Beautiful dark chocolate made with cacao sourced from farms across the globe. 

Makes 4 s'mores.

Shelf-Life: These marshmallows are made without preservatives. Keep your crackers, marshmallows and chocolate cool and dry. The marshmallows will last a couple weeks depending on the weather. Check the expiry on the marshmallows for an exact date.

Ingredients include: flour, dairy, gelatin.
*Made in a kitchen that uses nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts), dairy, wheat flour and eggs.