Vanua Dark- Fiji 70% - Sticks

Vanua Dark- Fiji 70% - Sticks


The Mataswalevu Cocoa Farm, located in the northern hills of Vanua Levu Island, is looking to revive the cacao industry in Fiji. Their farm grows Amelonado cacao with newer plantings of Trinidad Selected Hybrids (TSH).

On Fiji’s national flag, there is a cacao pod in the lion’s paws, a sign of Fiji’s history and exciting times ahead for a new generation of farmers. The beans are special, imparted by Fiji’s unique terroir and the Fijian concept of “vanua”, the idea of land being an extension of oneself, including one’s life, sustenance and culture.

Origin: Dreketi, Vanua Levu, Fiji
Tasting notes: chocolate, honey, grapefruit

You can find 2 versions of bars made from these beautiful beans. One Dark 70% one Milk 55%

250g bag of sticks

May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.