SOMA Xmas Factory Tour & Tasting

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After the feasting, drinking, napping, and being in your pjs all day, warm up with a journey to the tropical lands where cacao grows. While its snowing outside, a chocolate scented cloud exists in our little factory, a perfect place for a holiday week exploration for you and your peeps.

Friends, families, chocolate aficionados...big kids and little kids…all are welcome! 

In this special edition of the Chocolate Maker's Tasting, learn how each cacao bean is sampled, roasted, winnowed, ground, coached and aged into a beautiful bar of chocolate with complex and unique flavours. 

Feast on limited edition holiday chocolates, Mint Chocolate Snowballs, Brown Butter Rum bars, along with award-winning Microbatch bars, fruit chocolate and truffles. 

Please note all our products could have traces of wheat, nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts), dairy and soy. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know ahead of time to make substitutions for you.

77 Brock Avenue,
between Dundas St West and Queen St West. Let your nose guide you by the big glass doors... 

Tastings are approx 60-75 minutes. 

Tickets are non-refundable.

For tastings on other days, check out our Chocolatemaker's Tasting here.

$25 per guest