Truffle Collection - 15 Pieces

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A deluxe box of 15 of our most popular truffles including limited edition truffles and International Award winners. Every truffle is handmade in our kitchen by our little but mighty truffle crew, hours upon hours spent making sure every truffle is extra delightful.

Bring this box to a soirée or as a gift for pals that cook you dinner, then reap the love that will be showered upon you for being such a great friend. 

Shelf Life: Our truffles are made by hand without any preservatives and should be enjoyed within 1 week from date of purchase. If you would like to pre-order, please let us know what week you would like your truffles to arrive. (We will try our best,  but sadly we cannot control carrier delays due to weather or customs/border delays.)

Storage: Truffles like it cool and dry with temperatures of 14-18 °C (57-64 °F) with a humidity lower than 40%. Keep them out of the fridge as they easily absorb smells of other food. A cool dry basement, pantry or if you’re lucky enough, a wine cellar does quite nicely.

This is a curated selection. Sorry, no substitutions.