Burnt Honey Gelato *factory exclusive

Burnt Honey Gelato *factory exclusive

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BFF to all. Burnt Honey gelato pairs well with every gelato and sorbet we make. The honey is heated up, slowly bubbling itself into a deep golden brown, a smidge past it's caramelization point to give it a beautiful burnt flavour. Ribbons of burnt honey are spun into a fresh milky gelato that sings of Sunshine.

It's the bee's knees.

The wildflower honey is from Rosewood Estates Meadery just an hour away in the Niagara greenbelt.

Only available for pickup at our Brock Street factory.

A perfect base to add to if you are feeling fancy. Add lemon toffee or a shot of melted chocolate.
Gelato and sorbet is made in our kitchen that uses nuts (including tree nuts), eggs, fruit and milk/cream. Could contain traces of any of these ingredients.