Distillery District

32 Tank House Lane,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A3C4

Sun: 11AM–6PM 
Mon: 11AM–7PM


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Back in the day we used to explore abandoned sites in Toronto for fun. Never in our wildest dreams did we think our first mini chocolate factory would be located in one of those beautiful sites.

We moved to this former whisky-aging tankhouse in 2007. The space features an open concept chocolate making factory loaded with vintage gear lovingly restored back to life. Take a deep breath of chocolate air, sit back and watch the cacao nibs being transformed into chocolate.

The site is also home to our gelato lab where fresh gelato is churned daily. Seasonal ingredients are sourced through the lovely folks at 100km foods Inc.

The Gooderham Worts distillery site is an urban revitalization project that brings together a community of makers. Loaded with artist studios, a microbrewery, a coffee roaster, a sake maker, and of course a chocolate maker, it is a pedestrian friendly site worth exploring.

Our Distillery store has barrier-free access. Bicycle lock ups throughout the site, car parking is accessed off of Parliament south of Trinity.